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The Town looked very similar to the town in Club Penguin. There are a few minor differences, all are listed below.


There were several rooms. Not as many as we have in Club Penguin though. The Coffee Shop had more chairs and tables, the Night Club's lights were a stronger colour. The Gift Shop had no door ,and the paths on the left and right were covered in snow. The biggest difference is the fact that it is snowing. This room was drawn by a contract artist named Peter Welleman who drew the Coffee Shop, Night Club, Boiler Room and most of the rooms that would later appear on Club Penguin.

The town had 2 versions on Penguin Chat 3:

  • The first version had a blue sky and snow, this version never made it into the final version of Penguin Chat 3 and was only seen in sneak peaks by RocketSnail.
  • The second version was very similar to the Club Penguin one but with very minor differences.