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Pengun ninja

A ninja carrying a sword.

A Sword was carried on a ninja penguin's back in Penguin Chat 3. It was placed there because it is common for a Ninja to use a sword as an offesnive weapon. It did not have a special motion, and it wasn't used for anything except show. It is possible that penguins pretended to use the sword on other penguins.


  • It is not used in Club Penguin because it is censored and disapproves of weapons.
  • It has a black cover over it, from what is seen in the picture above.
  • It may be available in the future however this is very unlikely because Club Penguin does not tolerate any weapons.
  • It is believed that Club Penguin moderators have this. But they wont use it much, in front of penguins.
  • Club Penguin has released a sword known as the Thunder Blade

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