RocketSnail Games is an old website that created the games in the serise of Penguin Chat 3 and Club Penguin. The founder of the company is Lance Priebe, which is commonly known as "rsnail".

got closed down due to a lack of funding, but was reopened as a blog. This was the site of both Penguin Chat and Penguin Chat 3. It was created by rsnail, a Moderator on Club Penguin.


There were several games by They were:


Wordcrunch is a word search game. One word was needed to be found in any round in a particular period of time, and whenever it is found, a new word is given. A Christmas version was also released.

Ballistic BiscuitEdit

Ballistic Biscuit was an early version for Club Penguin's Hydro Hopper, except that it uses humans instead of penguins. In Club Penguin, Hydro Hopper used to be called Ballistic Biscuit until the middle of 2007, where there was a vote on it's new name.

Wordcrunch ChristmasEdit

This was a Christmas version of Wordcrunch. It was there temporarily for 2004 and then got available all the time.
An iPhone version was released on Released: Dec 10, 2011.

Mancala snailsEdit

This was a game of Mancala with Snails. Similarr game is available in Club Penguin.

Mancala classicEdit

Mancala classic was a computer version of the ancient game of counting and strategy.

Penguin Chats series, Experimental Penguins and Club PenguinEdit

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Experimental PenguinsEdit

The first game in the series was Experimental Penguins. It was launched in Launched July, 2000, and was eventually closed in less than a year. The game had four different rooms: the Crush Site, which was a snowy shore with a broken Snow Cat and two boxes of fireworks; the Snow Roon was an empty room that is covered with snow; North Pole was similar to the Snow Room, but it had h sign in the middle that resembles the north pole.
Experimental Penguins had many cons, especially that users could swear without being kicked out of he server, unlike Club Penguin.

Penguin Chat SeriesEdit

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This was the chat system on RocketSnail, based on characters of Penguins in snowy environment. The early Penguin Chat games were developed to test how multiplayer online games can work in Flash 4[1].

Club PenguinEdit

Club Penguin was the accomplished game, after developing the Penguin Chat games. It was eventually opened, after month of Beta Testing, on October 24, 2005. Club Penguin includes many mini-games, and is still avaialble in the internet.


  • Rsnail created a twitter account which probably means that he shut down the micro blog again. However he did keep Wordcrunch, Mancala Snails, Wordcrunch Christmas and Mancala Classic on the site.


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