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The Penguin Band is Club Penguin's only popular and official band. The band have appeared in Penguin Chat 2, Penguin Chat 3 and Club Penguin. Their first ever appearance was in Penguin Chat 2 when they played the song 'I've Been Delayed' in the public igloo. They appered again in the first version of the Penguin Chat 3 Night Club, but were then replaced by DJ Maxx so that RocketSnail Games could test out their music streaming system. The Penguin Band then occasionally appeared at Club Penguin's monthly parties and have done to this day.

The 3 band members that played in Penguin Chat were G Billy, Petey K and Stompin' Bob. They all wore the same color in Penguin Chat, but they were given new colors in Club Penguin.

Pc3 igloo band

The band in the igloo