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Penguins are the cartoon avatars you controlled in Penguin Chat 3 before and now you control in Club Penguin. Penguins from Penguin Chat 3 are a distinct shade of blue, known to some as Old Blue. Currently, penguins from Club Penguin come in many colors.There were no such things as "members" or "membership" in Penguin Chat 3. The main purpose of the game was to chat and have fun.

64px-Pc3 penguin-1-

A penguin on Penguin Chat 3.

Penguins in Club Penguin today can do many actions. Only two of which were available in Penguin Chat 3 ; drilling, and turning transparent from the actions of ninja suits. These actions did not require purchasing or membership, you could just place them on.


  • Penguin Chat 3 was shut down and Penguins have moved to Club Penguin, but they aren't old blue anymore.
  • The blue used by penguins in Penguin Chat 3 have not been used in its sequel, Club Penguin, but there are rumors of this color becoming real.
  • Alternatively, many people hack to get the color on Club Penguin, but please note that hacking is illegal.
  • Penguins at Penguin Chat 3 could change their clothes, which were ninja suits and the yellow hard hat. Now at Club Penguin, penguins can buy clothes or collect them.
  • You could have accounts or log in as a guest.