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Old Blue is the color that Club Penguin uses to test out Penguin Sprites. It is in the between Dark and Aqua Blue. It was possible to turn Old Blue on Penguin Chat 3 by clicking the crane hook at a construction site (you would also be given a hard hat). When Club Penguin released, this color was never available to players and the only way to access it was through glitches.

Trivia Edit

  • Some people hack or use cheating programs to get the color Old Blue on Club Penguin. (Note that hacking Is illegal and you can be banned 72 hours or forever)
  • It is not well known anymore.
  • Some penguins are Old Blue in Club Penguin, (i.e. Gary The Gadget Guy, penguins at the bottom of Sled Racing, etc.)
  • Old Blue is the only color on the mini version.