Penguin Chat 3 Ninja

A ninja on Penguin Chat 3

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Ninjas were special penguins with the ability to turn transparent and wear exclusive ninja suits, with a well-known grayish black appearance; along with a black belt. For a long time after Penguin Chat 3 was closed, ninjas were a popular legend in Club Penguin. Nowadays, they were finally proved to exist in Club Penguin after Card-Jitsu was released after the Halloween Party.

Penguin Chat 3 NinjasEdit

Ninjas at PC3 had a sword, wore grey, had a black belt and they used the ninja suit which was all black.

Club Penguin ninjasEdit

Ninjas in Club Penguin are very different from the PC3 ninjas, and it's hard to be one. At card-jitsu (a minigame at club penguin) you need to earn belts till the black belt. Then you need to beat Sensei (the constructor of the dojo and founder of the game), and then he'll give a mask to put on your eyes without covering them.


  • A Ninja from Penguin Chat 3 would have a sword on its back, however, the sword is not on the current ninjas of Club Penguin because they are censored and kid-friendly.
  • All you had to do to obtain the ninja suit in Penguin Chat 3 was click the letter 'N' in "Pick your Penguin color." It was a very simple process, compared to having to earn all your belts in order to gain ninja status in Club Penguin.
  • Many penguins think that Club Penguin's ninjas aren't proper ninjas because Card Jitsu isn't martial arts.