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Pc3 night club

This is the screenshot that RocketSnail posted before the release. This version of the Night Club was never available in the final game.

The Night Club was a dancing room in Penguin Chat 3 that you can still find in Club Penguin today.

Many people get confused, but there were actually 3 versions of the Penguin Chat Night Club.

  • The first version with a white dance floor and disco balls was never available in Penguin Chat 3. It was only seen in a screenshot that RocketSnail posted before the game came out. Many people believed that this was the only version of the Night Club because this was the only screenshot for a very long time.
  • The second version, which was available from March 31st - May 5th was a clone of the Night Club that was in Club Penguin from 2005-2008, the only differences were the Penguin Band playing instead of the DJ Table and a 'Welcome' sign on the wall
  • On May 5th, the third version was released. This was the same as the previous version but instead of the Band, there was a DJ Table with DJ Maxx and there were 10 songs that would play at different times. RocketSnail used this to test out his music streaming system.


  • DJ3K and Dance contest (2 games in the night club on Club Penguin) do not exist.
  • There wasn't a staircase due to the fact that there was no upstairs.
  • The hidden entrance to the Boiler Room was in the bottom right corner instead of the top right speaker. 


  • The speakers from the original Night Club were identical to the ones in Club Penguin; in both appearance and position.
  • The Night Club was a popular place for dancing, as well as containing the hidden Boiler Room.
  • After the addition of Dance Contest to Club Penguin's Night Club, the spotlight featured in Penguin Chat 3 has since disappeared.

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