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How a moderator in Penguin Chat 3 would look

Moderators of Penguin Chat 3 were often seen around. Instead of penguins, they were disguised as RocketSnail Game's logo, a green and yellow snail. Most of the moderators in today's Club Penguin were moderators at the Penguin Chat Series.


Rsnail was the main creator of the Penguin Chat series.


One of the most famous Penguin Chat pictures is the Coffee Shop crowded with

Happy77, a moderator in Penguin Chat 3

penguins and one snail, who is Happy77. She is saying "Keep up the good work". Shown on the right



  • Moderators were rarely seen; according to most Penguins that used to play it.
  • The above actually happens in Club Penguin: Moderators are rarely seen.
  • Screenhog and Gizmo were possibly not here yet
  • Rsnail made all of the Penguin Chat series with his brother and the Rocketsnail team.