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When Penguin Chat 3 was first launched, there weren't igloos or such things as an igloo. Then an igloo randomly appeared. It was a public igloo that was believed to have belonged to the Band. Not much is known about it. Current Igloos in Club Penguin aren't technically public; but when put on the map, they can be. They are modified by Penguins, so they can look more like homes, with many different styles accompanying them. Penguins can buy furniture by the Furniture Catalog of CP (they need to have membership to buy things).


  • The igloo looked very different from the new igloos in Club Penguin.
  • The Band played the song "I've Been Delayed" by TAS1000.
  • The PC3 "igloo" doesn't even look like an igloo compared to today's Club Penguin. It is more of a bowl-shaped room with the band playing on a platform.
  • Penguins on Club Penguin can edit their igloo if they have furniture and membership.

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  • PC3 Igloo, ANIMATED This is how the igloo looked like, with the music actually included. The song is called "(I've Been) Delayed" by an artist named TAS1000. There is an URL on the page of the SWF leading to TAS1000's site.

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