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Clothes in Penguin Chat 3 were designed to make your penguin look "cooler". At PC3, there were only two clothing items, the ninja suit with sword and the Hard Hat,  but in Club Penguin, there are lots of clothes, which can be bought with membership and/or getting them as "free items" at parties. Clothing in Penguin Chat 3 is also somewhat hidden.

Clothing featuresEdit

  • Hard Hat The hard hat looked very similar to the hard hat in Club penguin. However, there was no vest. Judging by pictures, the drill dance was available. If you wore the hard hat in a specific snow field, you would be driving a snow cat. You can then drive this snow cat anywhere until you change you color. 
  • Ninja Outfit The ninja outfit looked exactly the same except for the fact there was a sword on your back. Also, there were no smoke cuffs. The invisible feature was there. A later dropped feature with the Ninja suit was that walking on walls was availible.
  • Sword (attached with the ninja outfit...)
  • Beta Hat The beta hat was an item you could get during the testing of the gift shop.

Trivia Edit

  • At Penguin Chat's newer version, you can choose only five types of penguins, each with a different and unique clothing style.
  • Clothes are much more varied in today's Club Penguin, compared to the clothing of Penguin Chat 3.
  • The ninja outfit was going to have a sword in Club Penguin, until Disney took over Club Penguin Because Dinsey most have thought it was 'inappropriate'[citation needed]
  • You cant buy Clothes in Penguin Chat 3.because there was no Coins to buy them.