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Penguin Chat 3 Band (PC3 Band) Edit

[[Penguin Chat 3|
133px-PC3 PeteyK

Franky from the band



Penguin Band inside the public igloo

Interestingly, a group of musical penguins

resembling the Club Penguin Band existed in Penguin Chat 3. There were a few differences, listed below:

  • All of PC3's band members were old blue,as it was the only colour available at that time.
  • The piano that one of the penguins used was brown, not black.
  • There is not an acoustic guitar player in the group.
  • The band played around the clock at the Night Club. There were not any speakers or disk jockey stations in the room.
  • In the only known picture of a Penguin Chat 3 Igloo, the PC3 band is inexplicably depicted as playing in the igloo. They are playing a song called "I've Been Delayed" by a band called TAS1000.
  • At the Night Club, the band played "I've been Delayed" by TAS1000 and "New Maths" by Tom Lerher (a very very old song)
  • The band members actually sung instead of just music, unlike Club Penguin.

Songs played (Both Night Club and Igloo)Edit

By all the time (2004-2005), they played 12 songs, the song is changed time-to-time.

  1. I've Been Delayed - TAS1000
  2. Banana Phone - Raffi
  3. All Day All Night - Unknown
  4. New Maths - Tom Lerher
  5. 3AM Eternal - KLF
  6. Wait A Minute - Unknown
  7. Unknown Chinese Song
  8. My Name Is - Eminem
  9. Wipe Out
  10. All Day All Night (Remixed)
  11. Fur Elise - Beethoven
  12. VN

Bold means the song that stays very long, while others are temporary songs played in only few days or weeks.

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Club Penguin Band Edit

The Penguin Band is very similar to the PC3 band, as they are the same Penguins playing the same instruments. There are some differences, like a new penguin playing the guitar was added to the band instead of a penguin playing the piano. Also, the Penguin Band from the current Club Penguin has four members; the band shown in the few pictures of PC3 had three members.

  • The penguins in the Club Penguin Band are all different colors, instead of Old Blue being the only color.
    • No Band member wears Old Blue in Club Penguin.
    • They had autographs but the band in Penguin Chat 3 did not.

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