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Ballistic Biscuit was a game people could not play in PenguinChat but on RocketSnail Games, and it is currently on Club Penguin. Except it is named "Hydro-Hopper".Rsnail also made a game simillar to Ballisic Biscuit,but it was with a frog and was called Barts Water Sport.


  • In the RocketSnail version of Ballistic Biscuit, there were humans instead of penguins. Everything else was an exact replica.
  • Club Penguin had a poll in August 2007 to change the name from "Ballistic Biscuit" to three other choices. The one that won was "Hydro-Hopper".
  • Another difference from the Club Penguin version is that fishermen replaced icebergs.
  • There was one experimental penguin in the back of the boat.